Government grant for self-consumption in Chile: Successful installation of 142 kWp roof-top plant

Leading the way in Chile – KRAFTWERK, together with Frios Frunar Ltda., secured a government grant for one of the first industrial roof-top solar power plants in the agricultural segment of Chile. The Fundación para la Innovación Agraría (FIA) selected KRAFTWERK as EPC to design, develop and construct the 142 kWp roof-top plant which is now installed and running successfully.

Frios Frunar, a cooling house for fruits and vegetables located in Curicó, Chile, will generate an estimated 220.000 kWh of electricity annually with its solar power plant. The energy will be directly consumed on-site and will produce annual savings in the company’s electricity bill of > US$ 20,000. According to Alexy Narváez González, Director of Operations for Frios Frunar, „ Industrial refrigeration is the most employed measure of food preservation, however it is also one of the most expensive. The cost of electricity comprises 65% of our OPEX.“ By decreasing its operating expenditure, Frunar will be able to increase its market competitiveness.

„Chile is one of the fasted growing regions in the world when it comes to solar and the roof-top PV plant industry is still young“, says Karsten Schulte, Managing Director of KRAFTWERK, and adds, „Considering how competitive solar has become in Chile’s energy mix we are confident that the industrial roof-top segment will boom.“

From permit procedures to the entire installation and electrical commissioning, KRAFTWERK’S team located directly in Santiago has the capacity to provide full turnkey solutions. „Eventhough this type of roof-top plant is quite innovative in Chile, the SEC authorisation and the alliance with the local grid operator, Cooperativa Eléctrica Curicó (CED), ran smoothly“ states David Sanmartín Catalán, KRAFTWERK’S Director for Latin America, and adds „The Chilean government has implemented various measures to make self-consumption more attractive, including for example the net metering law introduced in September of 2014. New policies and alliances are easing the way.“

After completing the feasibility study and securing the government grant, KRAFTWERK dimensioned the PV plant to ensure a high level of self-consumption.

Technical specifications
Client: Frios Frunar Ltda.
Location: Curicó, Chile
System type: Grid connected
PV power: 142 kWp
Components: Suntech modules STP260-20/Wem; 6 x Huawei inverters SUN2000-20KTL; K2 Systems
Completion date: July 2015

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