Industrial self-consumption in Ravensburg, Germany

KRAFTWERK Renewable Power Solutions secures bid for construction of 350 kWp PV power plant for Shredderwerk Herbertigen near Ravensburg.

Shredderwerk Herbertingen, which specialises in the recycling of wood and steel, is moving one step closer to independence from rising electricity costs.

Based on KRAFTWERK’S analysis of Shredderwerk’s load profile, more than half of the generated solar energy will be used directly by the facility’s machinery. 45% of the overall electricity consumption will be supplied by solar power. According to Andreas Kaiser, KRAFTWERK’S Project Manager leading the process, “On work days in June, July and August, up to 90% of the overall energy consumption will be generated by the PV plant. Shredderwerk will be able to cut its annual electricity costs in half.”

Construction of the PV plant starts end of June and the plant is scheduled to be fully operational by July 2014.

Dr. Karsten Schulte, Managing Director of KRAFTWERK adds, “We are pleased to see that based on the amount of requests for price quotes, the trend towards industrial self-consumption is continuing at a strong momentum.”

Technical Project Information

Object: Shredderwerk Herbertingen GmbH

Location: 88518 Herbertingen, Deutschland

System type: Netzgebunden

PV power: 350 kWp

Components: ZNSHINE SOLAR ZXP6 250; Huawei Sun2000-20KTL Wechselrichter

Completion date: July 2014

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