Precise project development – because your success is at stake

We cover all necessary steps for the successful development of solar power plants, from determining the cost-effectiveness of plant concepts to assisting in site selection. As an owner’s engineer, we design tailored concepts and implement the most optimal system components for individual requirements. Our definition of “tailored” is the best possible integration of solar into the local energy supply and demand structure, while at the same time ensuring long-term investment returns and marketing revenues for our customers.

We examine the meteorological and infrastructural framework and clarify all issues related to network and approval processes. We evaluate costs, technical and economical feasibility and risks. Whether smaller solar power solutions for residential customers, larger self-consumption solutions for industrial purposes or large-scale facilities for investors, anyone can generate solar power- either for self-consumption or sale. Decentralised energy is the future.

Our services at a glance

  • Site assessment and yield analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of grid connection capacity
  • Certification processes and permits
  • Leasing contracts
  • Technical design
  • Detailed project cost/benefit analysis
  • Purchasing, supplier selection