Reduce your operating expenses with
solar energy

Electricity costs are a fundamental component of your operating expenses. The forecasted trend shows energy prices moving in one direction- upwards. By generating and consuming your own solar energy you secure long-term cost savings.

Reduce your electricity costs

By consuming your own solar energy you become more independent from your utility provider. You spend less on electricity and gain a financial advantage with costs that are guaranteed stable for decades.

Enhance your image

There is an increase in awareness amongst consumers. They want to make more sustainable choices, and want to know what contribution a business makes to protect the climate. With a PV system on your roof you make your commitment to the environment visible.

Control your consumption

Through monitoring your consumption behaviour, you can identify potential savings- helping you to save even more money.

Find out more about self-consumption and financing options here: Self-consumption.

Our services at a glance

  • Load profile analysis
  • Determination of self-consumption rate
  • Savings and cost calculation
  • Dimensioning and design
  • Profitability analysis
  • Energy efficiency lever
  • Turnkey implementation

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