Kanzleramt (Berlin)

Kanzleramt, Luisenblock West Photovoltaic plant DATA LOCATION 10117 BerlinPOWER 120.00 kWpGRID CONNECTION Medium voltageBUILDING AdministrationBUSINESS MODEL 100% self-consumptionMODULE Trina SolarINVERTER HuaweiMOUNTING STRUCTURE K2 SystemsYEAR 2021   All references

Bernau (Brandenburg)

Bernau, Brandenburg Photovoltaic plant DATA LOCATION 16321 Bernau, BrandenburgPOWER 99.40 kWpSTORAGE CAPACITY 50 kWhGRID CONNECTION Low voltageBUILDING AdministrationBUSINESS MODEL Self-consumption/ surplus feed-inMODULE Trina SolarINVERTER SMAMOUNTING STRUCTURE K2 SystemsYEAR 2021 All references

Baldur (Bensheim)

Baldur (Hesse) Photovoltaic plant DATA LOCATION 64625 Bensheim, HessePOWER 291.60 kWpGRID CONNECTION Medium voltageBUILDING ProductionBUSINESS MODEL Self-consumption/ surplus feed-inMODULE Suntech PowerINVERTER SungrowMOUNTING STRUCTURE Van-der-ValkYEAR 2022 All references

DLW (Gerfor)

Gerflor DLW GmbH Photovoltaic plant DATA LOCATION 27753 Delmenhorst, Lower SaxonyPOWER 4,779.80 kWpGRID CONNECTION Medium voltageBUILDING Production/ warehouseBUSINESS MODEL Onsite PPAMODULE GCLINVERTER HuaweiMOUNTING STRUCTURE K2 SystemsYEAR 2022/ 2023 All references

Granary (Haßleben)

Granary Haßleben Photovoltaic plant DATA LOCATION 17268 Haßleben, BrandenburgPOWER 312.50 kWpGRID CONNECTION Low voltageBUILDING AgricultureBUSINESS MODEL Direct marketing (award of roof tender)MODULE Suntech PowerINVERTER HuaweiMOUNTING STRUCTURE S:FlexYEAR 2022   All references

Eisbär (Apensen)

Eisbär Apensen Photovoltaic plant DATA LOCATION 21641 Apensen, Lower SaxonyPOWER 337.50 kWpGRID CONNECTION Medium voltageBUILDING Cold storageBUSINESS MODEL 100% self-consumptionMODULE Trina SolarINVERTER HuaweiMOUNTING STRUCTURE S:FlexYEAR 2021   All references

ESMT (Berlin)

ESMT Bildquelle: ESMT BerlinBildquelle: ESMT Berlin DATA LOCATION European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), former State Council building of the GDR, Schloßplatz 1, 10178 BerlinPOWER 366.13 kWpGRID CONNECTION Medium voltageBUILDING University, listed buildingBUSINESS MODEL Self-consumption with surplus feed-inMODULE Full Black from DMEGCINVERTER SungrowMOUNTING STRUCTURE Van der ValkYEAR 2023 All references