Corporate Social Responsibility in Chile: KRAFTWERK donates a net-billing PV plant for vocational training.

KRAFTWERK Renewable Power Solutions sponsored a 4.24 kWp rooftop PV plant for training purposes at a social institution in Santiago de Chile. Fundación Cristo Vive, which was founded in 1990 by a German nun, Sister Karoline Mayer, offers approximately 400 men and women of lesser-privileged backgrounds the chance to escape poverty through access to education and training. The PV plant will be a part of the school’s training program.

The students of Fundación Cristo Vive will gain hands-on experience by actively participating in the construction of the PV plant. Sebastian Groll, KRAFTWERK’S Project Manager in Latin America who leads the construction phase and onsite trainings states, “As a German company working internationally we take our commitment to social responsibility seriously. Through activities such as training the trainers we secure long term know-how transfer in the field of solar energy.” Students will have ongoing access to the PV plant and study all aspects of installation, performance monitoring and maintenance, preparing them for a future in the rapidly growing field of renewable energy in Chile.

KRAFTWERK sponsored the components and installation. The German company Profinal GmbH donated the mounting structure.

Fundacion Cristo Vive’s rooftop PV plant will generate approximately 7,400 kWh of electricity annually. The energy produced will be consumed directly onsite and the surplus will be injected into the grid and remunerated according to net-billing.

Technical specifications
Business model: Self-consumption, net-billing
Location: Santiago de Chile
System type: Grid connected, rooftop
PV power: 4.25 kWp
Components: CanadianSolar CS6P 240 W, JA Solar JAM5(L)-72-200-SI, SMA SunnyBoy 1300TL, Profinal
Completion date: October 2015

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