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Corporate Social Responsibility

At KRAFTWERK, pursuing a sustainable use of electricity globally is our goal. This goal cannot be achieved by keeping knwledges to ourselves. Therefore, not only the decentralization of the technology, but also the sharing of knowledges is important to us. Only when the knowledge is distributed and the value is understood can the utilization and effectiveness of renewable energy be maximized.

KRAFTWERK activily supports the vocational training at Sozialeinrichtung Fundación Cristo Vive, which is founded by Sister Karoline Mayer from Germany and currently employs 400 staffs from the local region. Fundacion Cristo Vive in Chile is known for offering vocational training to young men and women from less privileged backgrounds in the local area. At KRAFTWERK, we suppor the organization’s work with practical knowledges of renewbale energy directly from the field, as well as providing job opportunities in this emerging market.

Social Responsibility in Chile

KRAFTWERK donates a net-billing PV system for vocational training

Throughout the month of October, solar panels have started to appear on the roof of Fundación Cristo Vive. The panels generate photovoltaic energy and are being installed by students of the vocational course “Photovoltaic System Installation”.

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