• PV-diesel hybrid system

    A profitable and clean alternative to an all diesel system

An investment with short payback period

A PV-diesel-hybrid system guarantees an efficient and continuous power supply by ensuring that both generators (diesel and photovoltaic system) operate together in an optimal way. By integrating PV in existing diesel systems, the use of fossil fuels – and therefore your electricity costs – are greatly reduced.

KRAFTWERK evaluates your off-grid energy supply by analysing your load profile while taking the diesel genset topology into consideration. We provide recommendations for optimizing your energy efficiency. We simulate the impact of integrating a PV power plant with the goal of saving as much diesel as possible, while at the same time ensuring system reliability and profitability of your investment.

The benefits are convincing. Depending on your consumption profile, it is possible to achieve >50% diesel savings. The investment in PV-diesel-hybrid systems is highly profitable with payback periods of less than 5 years. Learn more about our PV-diesel-hybrid expertise in this.

To achieve higher diesel-savings and energy independence, please see our energy storage solutions: STORAGE

Our Services at a Glance

  • Load profile measurements and analysis
  • Optimized PV-hybrid dimensioning and design
  • Business case calculations
  • Optimal integration of battery storage
  • Individual financing concepts
  • Turnkey installation
  • Operation and maintenance

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