• Rent Us Your Roof!

    For a sustainable income and planet

An Investment On Your Roof!

Cheap Energy Source

Rental Income

Contribute To A Clean Planet

KRAFTWERK is constantly looking for suitable industrial roofs and land sites to rent for long term leasing.

As the owner of the properties, you get:

  • Attractive lease payments
  • Benefit from cheap solar energy
  • Roof renovation at a premium price
  • Long-term leasing benefits

We also offer sustainable investment options for you to invest in your own roof! To know more, check out our Clean & Affordable Energy

We Are Your Roof Expert!

We start our projects from ensuring the conditions of your buildings and roofs are suitable for PV installation by providing roof renovation services. A life cycle of 25 years of your roof and the PV system is our guarantee.

We take care of the installation and construction of your rooftop PV system as a general contractor. Supplier management and quality control are under our radar, together with documentation management as well as all license application procedures.

KRAFTWERK precision means quality in every detail.

Want to know more about what we do for your roof? Check out our EPC Service!

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