• Solar Power System on Your Rooftop

    Saves Cost By Generating Your Own Electricity

Become your own electricity provider

Energy prices move in one direction- upwards. But you don’t have to worry about increasing electricity costs if you have a small PV plant installed on your rooftop. The cost of the electricity you generate is guaranteed stable for decades- and cheaper than that of your provider.

Reduce your electricity costs

Self-generated solar energy is not only cheap, it’s cost stable. The more solar energy you consume yourself, the more independent you become from your electricity provider.

Environmentally friendly

By having your own solar power plant you generate clean energy and help protect our environment. This helps create a more sustainable future- for ourselves and for the next generation.


Solar energy is free and endless. While electricity costs continue to rise, the cost of obtaining energy provided by the sun is stable. And with innovative storage solutions, solar energy is available even when the sun is not shining.

High return

Your solar power plant pays for itself. By consuming your own energy you reduce your electricity costs. Plus, your network operator compensates you for any surplus electricity you feed into the network. A solar power plant is a profitable investment which increases the value of your property.

Our services at a glance

  • Self-consumption rate analysis
  • PV plant dimensioning and design
  • Energy savings und profitability analysis
  • Implementation of storage solutions
  • Network connection application process
  • Turnkey implementation
  • Yield monitoring
  • Service and maintenance


From turnkey to tailored-made solar energy solution


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