KRAFTWERK RPS Solar Power for Carport

A Carport That Does More Than You Think!

Do you know carports can provide more than just shading for your cars?

As KRAFTWERK Renewable Power Solutions specializes in rooftop solar system, we see the value and benefit of using carport as another roof where solar PV system can be installed. The advantage of a solar carport system, as with rooftop solar system, is that it does not require additional space than what is there on top of the carport already! It is an effiecient way to use the space you have.

In the Middle East and South America, where the solar irradiation is at its peak, KRAFTWERK Renewable Power Solutions worked with our partners in both regions to evaluate and design solar PV system on their existing carports. Furthermore, we also installed for our partner in South America. 

The optimization of their carport created not only financial values but also commercial values from an increase of reputation. 

What can you get with solar carport system? Solar carport system gives you a more utilized carport that cuts the electricity bill by charging for your cars and your house.