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Una cochera puede hacer más de lo que piensas!

Do you know carports can provide more than just shading for your cars? As KRAFTWERK Renewable Power Solutions specializes in rooftop solar system, we see the value and benefit of using carport as another roof where solar PV system can be installed. The advantage of a solar carport system, as with rooftop solar system, is […]

Pasión y compromiso para diseñar y construir plantas solares fotovoltaicas, Economia y Eegocios

Esta empresa está dedicada a dar soluciones de energías renovables para clientes residenciales y comerciales e industriales, así como para inversionistas. Cuentan con un equipo de ingenieros y técnicos especializados en el diseño personalizado e instalación de plantas fotovoltaicas adaptadas a las demandas de cada cliente. El uso inteligente de los recursos renovables para hacerlos […]

dena (Chile): Luxury hotel in the Atacama Desert relies on photovoltaics coupled with a storage facility

New pilot project launched as part of the dena RES programme On 13 October, a photovoltaic system including battery storage was unveiled at a leading spbattery storagebattery storagea resort in northern Chile as part of the Renewable Energy Solutions Programme. The consortium of German companies Kraftwerk Renewable Power Solutions and Qinous installed the PV system […]

Intersolar Europe 2017

Visit us at this year’s Off-Grid-Power Conference where KRAFTWERK’S Managing Director, Karsten Schulte will present PV-Battery Diesel Hybrid Systems on May 31st, 11:20 AM in room B.11 Download the complete conference program HERE.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Chile: KRAFTWERK donates a net-billing PV plant for vocational training.

KRAFTWERK Renewable Power Solutions sponsored a 4.24 kWp rooftop PV plant for training purposes at a social institution in Santiago de Chile. Fundación Cristo Vive, which was founded in 1990 by a German nun, Sister Karoline Mayer, offers approximately 400 men and women of lesser-privileged backgrounds the chance to escape poverty through access to education […]