Win-win situation for PV investment and the climate

In the foreseeable future, electricity from fossil fuels will be significantly more expensive than electricity from renewable energies. Accelerate the energy transition with KRAFTWERK and benefit from ideal business conditions. Because an environmentally friendly energy supply can quickly pay off for you!


The only right thing

Every kWh from fossil fuels is one kWh too many. The order of the day is to focus on renewable energies and replace coal, oil and gas as quickly as possible. This is the only way to achieve the long-term climate protection targets.

Solar energy is the most important renewable energy in the fight against climate change because it protects our environment and already generates the cheapest electricity today. Whether you invest in solar systems with KRAFTWERK, decide to buy solar power or provide land for the use of solar energy: You become a world saver. With this concrete commitment, you are making a significant contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). A good feeling that also pays off for you!


Reduce emissions,
Increase cost benefits

Why should you buy expensive electricity from fossil fuels when you can generate it cheaply and cleanly yourself? Reduce costs and secure your competitiveness in the long term by using green electricity for your own consumption with KRAFTWERK. At the same time, you are taking an important step on your way to climate neutrality.

Start by taking stock of the available roof and façade surfaces or open spaces on which PV systems can be installed. Parking lots are also ideal for making already sealed surfaces usable for energy with solar carports: Your employees park in the shade in summer and protected from snow in winter, can charge e-cars or e-bikes and directly feel your commitment as an employer to a future worth living. If there is not enough space available for the PV system to sufficiently cover your energy requirements with solar power, we offer supply solutions from solar parks or large rooftop systems, ideally directly from your region. This makes you independent of fossil fuels and rising electricity prices.

Are you planning to invest in your own PV system? The low electricity generation costs of PV systems are associated with high economic efficiency! We always evaluate the use of storage solutions to further increase your independence. In addition to the electricity requirement, climate protection must also make its contribution on the heating side. The heat pump can therefore form an important additional component of a sustainable supply concept.

If you would prefer to concentrate your capital on your core business, we can offer you solar power at attractive conditions. Together with our financing partners, we can operate a PV system on your roof. We regulate the purchase of solar power via an electricity supply contract or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Any remaining electricity requirements will continue to be drawn from the public supply grid – the ecological goal here is to achieve an optimum level of supply with solar power.



Climate protection and economic efficiency go hand in hand

Germany and other major industrialized nations have set themselves the mission of “100% renewable energy”. This is the only way our planet still has a chance of a future worth living. Whether we achieve this goal depends solely on our actions today. Become an active climate protector thanks to clean energy generation and earn an attractive return on your investment. Every kWh counts!

Provided capital plays a decisive role in achieving the energy transition. KRAFTWERK is therefore constantly looking for investors who want to align their actions with sustainability factors and realize a wide variety of projects (PPA, leasehold/full feed-in projects, rooftop or solar parks). In a personal meeting with us, you will find out how we ensure investment security and return on investment!


Energy revolution everywhere

Together we can achieve the energy transition. To achieve this, we should use every available area to generate solar power. Germany wants to achieve climate-neutral electricity production by 2035. A lot has already been achieved in the past, but the speed of expansion has left a lot to be desired. Now we need to act all the faster and more comprehensively.

You will receive a preliminary assessment of your land or roof from us. If the preliminary assessment is positive, i.e. your plot or roof is suitable for the construction of a solar park, we will make you an attractive lease offer for the construction of a PV system. You can of course participate in the solar park.

KRAFTWERK leases roof areas from 1,000 m² and offers you low-cost electricity from the roof or an attractive rent if you have little or no local electricity requirements.

However, the roof areas in Germany alone are not enough to meet climate protection targets. Ground areas for PV systems must also be developed. For KRAFTWERK, the focus is on conversion areas or areas along highways and railroads. Agricultural land, which is not particularly productive due to its location/condition, is also suitable for the use of conventional solar parks. Areas of 5 hectares or more are particularly interesting