Become a world saver - with
solar energy and German
engineering skills

Roof systems

Modern roofs can do more than just cover buildings. With a solar roof system from KRAFTWERK, you can also cover your electricity requirements and set a visible example for active climate protection. Reduce your energy costs through self-consumption of sustainably generated energy and make yourself independent of rising electricity prices.

Solar systems are available for a wide range of roofs and requirements – from small 100 kWp systems to multi-megawatt systems, from lightweight buildings to flat roofs, for new builds or existing electrical installations, full feed-in or self-consumption. Secure a decisive competitive advantage now and make a significant contribution to the global energy transition.

Would you like to implement a rooftop system without any investment of your own? KRAFTWERK will be happy to draw up an electricity supply contract or PPA with which you obtain energy from your own roof and the financing is taken over by one of our cooperation partners.