Plant manufacturer with engineering expertise, consulting company with implementation experience: services for all phases of a PV project

Project development


KRAFTWERK creates all the technical, planning and approval requirements for the successful realization of your solar park or rooftop system for commercial and industrial applications – thanks to our engineering expertise and years of experience in working with grid operators, municipalities, banks and authorities. Our engineers and financing experts always focus on innovative concepts in order to develop the economically and ecologically optimal solution for every project.

• Site evaluation, yield simulations, load profile and self-consumption analyses
• Optimal system concepts and layouts
• Tailor-made business models and profitability analyses
• Structuring of electricity marketing
• Implementation of approval procedures and tenders
• Pre- and interim financing of projects

Turnkey construction

As an experienced EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) service provider and general contractor, KRAFTWERK builds turnkey solar power plants in compliance with all relevant German and international standards. From rooftop systems with minimal roof loads to solar parks, agri-PV and PV-battery hybrid systems, we offer the necessary expertise and know-how for high-quality implementation with maximum system performance and low LCOE.


• Technical design and detailed planning
• Efficient project management and construction scheduling
• Procurement management and logistics
• Construction management and quality control
• Commissioning and grid connection

Operation & Maintenance

KRAFTWERK provides a premium service for the PV power plants we install, enabling you to achieve maximum yields. By ensuring optimal and reliable operation, you can exploit the full potential of the systems over their entire life cycle. With state-of-the-art, web-based 24/7 plant monitoring, we take over technical and administrative management, track performance, carry out maintenance and repairs and minimize downtime. Using our customized measurement concepts, you can make objective statements about your electricity generation and revenues at any time.


• Web-based 24/7 monitoring
• Regular performance reports
• Maintenance and servicing
• Short response times in the event of faults and damage
• Support with guarantee and warranty claims
• Support with the marketing of solar power

Technical advice

KRAFTWERK provides independent consulting services for the successful development and implementation of PV projects – in Germany and worldwide. We are characterized by our engineering know-how and our many years of practical experience as an independent project developer and plant constructor. As an owner’s engineer or EPCM consultant (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), we support our customers and partners in all phases of the project.


  • Technical and economic feasibility studies, independent project reviews (due diligence)
  • Optimal plant concepts, design and detailed planning
  • Tendering procedures and approval processes
  • Support with component procurement
  • Supervision of construction and commissioning, quality control
  • Operational management and maintenance concepts
  • Know-how transfer and training